Saturday, May 30, 2015

Giving And Life; God is good!

Friday was a big day!  Shaun and I have wanted to do something to help other hurting families since we lost Avalyn.  A few weeks ago I was at my friend Amy's house and she just happened to see a post for a fundraiser for a CuddleCot.  Neither of us had heard about it and so we searched it out.

When a family losses a baby they only have a short amount of time that they are able to hold and love them until they need to be given over.  A CuddleCot machine in designed to keep the baby cold, thereby allowing the family to have more time to love on their baby.  In our hospital in Dickinson the only thing they had were ice packs.  We I feel we're blessed to have a good amount of time with Avalyn but not every family is.  To give the gift of time for baby loss families is a huge deal.  Shaun and I both felt this was a great opportunity to bless others in a horrible time.

I also wanted to give a few other things that would help in the grieving process.  I have a group of friends that are AMAZING!  I told them my thoughts and what I wanted and they help me in so many ways to make it happen!!  God is so good in His timing and worked out the details of another friend becoming a Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep photographer for Dickinson area as well.  Which was a need.  It is so cool to watch God orchestrate things and pull it all together for His glory!

So, we delivered to CuddleCot and Bibles, bears, blankets, hats and more to the hospital.  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to spread the word about the CuddleCot and see more machines in North Dakota ( this is the first one in ND) and beyond!  I know that the nurses were so thankful to receive it.  I pray it would never have to be used but know that it will be a blessing if it does.

Can I also say the main reason for all of this was not just about doing something "good".  I included a note and Shaun made a bookmark that goes to the heart of how we have been able to make it through.  Only through the grace and forgiveness of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I have said it before and say it a hundred more times, it is all about Him!  I long for everyone I know to know Jesus in a personal way.  He is not just some guy in the sky!  Without Him we are doomed to hell.  We are all sinners. We need a perfect Savior to go to heaven and to get through life.

My prayer is that the CuddleCot will show the love of Christ in a big way and that it will be used to glorify Him! 

I don't have pictures from yesterday yet but I will post them when I get them.  But this is the machine and a link to the Stories of Babies Born Still website so you can donate or start a fundraiser to buy a CuddleCot for your community!

And I can't go without sharing that today is Ian's 8th birthday. He has been a huge blessing from the Lord!  I love the character that he is gaining as he grows up.  He started mustang baseball this year and loves it!  He is a good and loyal friend and big brother.  He has a sensitive heart to those hurting around him.  God is good and I pray He continues to mold and shape Ian's heart to serve the Lord.

Every year when his birthday comes around it always makes me thankful to be here on earth to be his mom.  This year I still feel that way but obviously things have changed this year and it makes me so thankful that God has allowed Ian and Eli to be here and that we get the honor and privilege to be their parents and watch them grow!  And having our second little girl growing inside me moving around as I type these words reminding me of her presence I pray we get the same privilege with her as well. 

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